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Nick Brown congratulates winners of Unionlearn workplace learning awards

Nick with DWP and HMRC Unionlearn staff

Nick Brown today presented awards to Tyneside staff from the DWP and HMRC in recognition of their commitment and achievements in workplace learning.

11 PCS union workplaces across the whole of the North East and Cumbria are to receive the Unionlearn Quality Award for their IAG (information, advice and guidance) provision in the workplace.

The Unionlearn Quality Award is a kitemark awarded to organisations that are committed to working with trade unions and can demonstrate that unions and union learners are considered in the design, development and delivery of courses and programmes. 

Nick Brown, MP for Newcastle East said: ““Self-reliance, a respect for education and a hunger for learning and knowledge amongst working people were founding themes of the early trade union movement and the Labour Party. To find this same energy and commitment channelled today through the Unionlearn programmes is really encouraging. These projects are tremendous value for everyone involved and I congratulate the regional TUC and the staff at Benton Park View and Tyneview Park for their latest achievement.”

Kevin Rowan, Regional Secretary of the TUC and Unionlearn Regional Manager said: “Good information, advice and guidance is central to the development of workplace learning. It is what ensures learners find the course/route best suited to them; start at the right level; and study at a time and place that’s most convenient – getting all of that right leads to learners achieving and having the most positive experience possible. It’s fantastic that workplaces like HMRC in the region can offer this professional – and now kitemarked service free and in-house for the benefit of members and colleagues alike.”


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