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Nick Brown re-elected as MP for Newcastle East


Nick Brown

Nick making his acceptance speech at the election results declaration.

Following the General Election in May 2015 Nick Brown was re-elected as Member of Parliament for Newcastle East, receiving 19,378 votes, just under 50% of the total. Nick has served as the Member of Parliament for East Newcastle since 1983 and during this time has helped thousands of constituents with issues of concern.

Following his re-election, Nick commented on his priorities for the next five years; “I pledge to do my best for my constituents. I want to take on the big issues, such as climate change and the stability of international financial system, as well as important local issues like bringing jobs to the people of Newcastle East. My key priority is to strengthen, deepen and broaden the private sector employment base in Newcastle and the region.”

Nick is now the longest serving MP in the North East, having fought eight general election campaigns. The Evening Chronicle covered Nick’s reflections on his time in politics in an article following the election result, which can be accessed here:   

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