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General Election 2017


A snap General Election has been called for the 8th June. This is a vanity election for the Prime Minister, who has underestimated the challenge of negotiating our withdrawal from the European Union. Rather than engaging in serious planning and preparation for these talks, Theresa May instead falsely claimed Parliament was trying to ‘block’ our withdrawal from the EU. This is not true. Theresa May also publicly ruled out the prospect of an early election at least five times since becoming Prime Minister.


I am standing again as the Labour Party Candidate in Newcastle East in this election. When I stood in 2015, I committed to serve my constituents for five years. Coming two years after the last election, I am still committed to standing up for our community in Parliament.


The decision to leave the European Union was made in the referendum last year. Article 50 has been triggered and we are now within the two year timeframe to negotiate the terms of the UK’s withdrawal. The real debate during this election is not about invented threats over whether the UK leaves the EU, but the very real threat that Theresa May and a Tory Government will not get a good deal on our future relationship with the EU going forward. The Labour Party wants the best possible deal for the UK, and to be good neighbours with Europe. This is the message that we have to take to the doorstep in this election, along with reminders about the crippling austerity the Conservatives have placed on our communities and public services over the last seven years (five of them in partnership with the Liberal Democrats).



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