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Walkergate Metro Station Renovation

Nick was joined by the three Labour Councillors for Walkergate to mark the opening of the refurbished Walkergate Metro Station. The new station has improved access, new seating and better lighting, as well as a lift onto the platform for the first time. Nick commented “It is great to see the Metro modernisation programme delivering [...]

Supporting NHS Workers

Nick joined the Royal College of Nursing and frontline NHS staff outside the Freeman Hospital in support of their protest against the Government’s rejection of a 1% pay rise for nurses and many other health workers. In comments to the local press, Nick stated: “The Government’s continuing public sector pay restraint is not fair and [...]

Nick’s Budget Debate Speech 2014

Nick took part in the Budget Debate on the 19thMarch and used his opportunity to speak to raise some of the big structural questions facing the UK Economy. Nick talked about rising income inequality, covering the tax burden on individuals, the growth of an ‘internationally mobile’ class of people and the decline in real wage [...]

Probation Service

Nick has voiced his concerns over the Government’s privatisation of the Probation Service. The Government’s plans involve outsourcing all low and medium risk offenders to private and voluntary groups without any proper pilot of the proposals. Nick spoke in Parliament against the proposals and submitted a petition collected by the National Association of Probation Officers [...]

Nick Forces Debate on Threat to Local Cadet Forces

Nick used a Commons debate last week to stand up for popular school cadet schemes in Walker and Heaton which could be under threat because of policy changes made by the Government. He said: “Involvement in cadet units and work on the associated BTEC teaches participants the ethos of public service, as well as beneficial life [...]

Nick writes to Newcastle City Council over Budget Proposals

Nick has today written to the City Treasurer regarding Newcastle City Council’s three year budget proposal, acknowledging the difficult funding decisions that are being considered and stressing the unfair distribution of cuts to local government by the Tory-Lib Dem Government. In his letter, Nick has stressed the need to ensure people can fully understand and interpret the Council’s figures and [...]

Joint-Newcastle MPs’ Statement on Council Funding

Dan Jarvis, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Culture, has come to Newcastle to see for himself the impact of central Government public expenditure cuts on local arts and libraries provision. Overshadowing Newcastle’s present difficulties is the unfair distribution of the cuts burden by the Government. Newcastle is facing funding cuts of £218 per head. The national [...]

Nick Welcomes Health Funding Settlement for the North East

Newcastle East MP Nick Brown has welcomed the announcement that NHS chiefs have rejected a controversial new formula for health funding which could have meant a 15% cut to the region’s health budget. Last year Conservative Health Ministers suggested that community health funding should be allocated according to age rather than deprivation. The proposal to [...]

Newcastle City Council Funding Debated in Parliament

With Newcastle City Council’s budget facing unprecedented cuts and cost pressures amounting to £100 million over the next three years, Nick recently raised the issue in a debate in the House of Commons. The Adjournment Debate, which took place on the 8th January, was an opportunity for Newcastle’s MPs to raise the unfair distribution of [...]

Communications Data Bill

Throughout the Autumn Nick has sat on the Joint Committee of MPs and Lords which has been studying the Government’s Draft Communications Data Bill. As the Committee publishes its full report today, Nick has set out the findings of the Committee in a piece for today’s Independent. Nick said: ““The issues that the Bill attempts [...]