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Nick’s Budget Debate Speech 2014

Nick took part in the Budget Debate on the 19thMarch and used his opportunity to speak to raise some of the big structural questions facing the UK Economy. Nick talked about rising income inequality, covering the tax burden on individuals, the growth of an ‘internationally mobile’ class of people and the decline in real wage [...]

Nick Forces Debate on Threat to Local Cadet Forces

Nick used a Commons debate last week to stand up for popular school cadet schemes in Walker and Heaton which could be under threat because of policy changes made by the Government. He said: “Involvement in cadet units and work on the associated BTEC teaches participants the ethos of public service, as well as beneficial life [...]

Communications Data Bill

Throughout the Autumn Nick has sat on the Joint Committee of MPs and Lords which has been studying the Government’s Draft Communications Data Bill. As the Committee publishes its full report today, Nick has set out the findings of the Committee in a piece for today’s Independent. Nick said: ““The issues that the Bill attempts [...]

Financial Services Bill Speech

Nick spoke today in the House of Commons Second Reading debate for the Government’s Financial Services Bill. In the Autumn Nick sat on the Scrutiny Committee for the Bill which was set up to check the Government’s plans for financial reform before they formally come to the House of Commons. As part of a panel [...]

Local Opposition to Government’s Health Bill

Nick met this week with local Newcastle residents who are concerned about the Lib Dem-Tory Government’s proposals for the NHS. Nick confirmed that he would continue to oppose the measures in Parliament. Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has announced a “pause” in the process, but Nick is pushing for the plans to be abandoned altogether. Nick [...]

Nick Questions Prime Minister Over Scotswood Factory

Nick Brown today asked the Prime Minister about the future of the BAE plant in Scotswood, Newcastle. The Factory is the only manufacturer of Battle Tanks and Heavy fighting vehicles in the United Kingdom. In the Government’s Strategic Defence Review, it was not made clear whether the SDR would impact on the future of the [...]

Securing a Debate on Unfair VAT Rise

Acting Labour leader Harriet Harman has praised Nick Brown’s work in making sure the new Government’s decision to increase VAT is properly debated in the House of Commons. VAT is a tax which hits the poorest hardest. The more of your income you spend, the worse you’ll be affected by this rise. The Lib Dems [...]

Benfield School Visit to Parliament

Students and staff from Benfield school visited Parliament today, and were able to question Nick on his work as their constituency MP. Following a tour the pupils were able to watch some of the debates in the House of Commons and the House of Lords, then took part in a question and answer session with [...]

The Marine Bill

The Government’s Marine Bill comes into the Commons today, and it is a landmark piece of environmental legislation. As part of the Government’s sustainable development strategy, the Bill will help to balance environmental needs with economic and social demands to help prevent marine habitats and species being damaged by human activity. This move has been [...]

Nick Brown meets with Deputy Leader of the Democratic Party of Japan

Nick  today met with a delegation led by Mr Naoto Kan, Deputy Prime Minister of the Shadow Cabinet of Japan. Mr Kan was at the House of Commons to discuss Parliament and UK democracy, to inform his Democratic Party of Japan’s proposals for the Japanese general election expected later this year.