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General Election 2017


A snap General Election has been called for the 8th June. This is a vanity election for the Prime Minister, who has underestimated the challenge of negotiating our withdrawal from the European Union. Rather than engaging in serious planning and preparation for these talks, Theresa May instead falsely claimed Parliament was trying to ‘block’ our withdrawal from the EU. This is not true. Theresa May also publicly ruled out the prospect of an early election at least five times since becoming Prime Minister.


I am standing again as the Labour Party Candidate in Newcastle East in this election. When I stood in 2015, I committed to serve my constituents for five years. Coming two years after the last election, I am still committed to standing up for our community in Parliament.


The decision to leave the European Union was made in the referendum last year. Article 50 has been triggered and we are now within the two year timeframe to negotiate the terms of the UK’s withdrawal. The real debate during this election is not about invented threats over whether the UK leaves the EU, but the very real threat that Theresa May and a Tory Government will not get a good deal on our future relationship with the EU going forward. The Labour Party wants the best possible deal for the UK, and to be good neighbours with Europe. This is the message that we have to take to the doorstep in this election, along with reminders about the crippling austerity the Conservatives have placed on our communities and public services over the last seven years (five of them in partnership with the Liberal Democrats).



Nick Brown MP Holds Debate on the Future Funding of Supported Housing

Nick held a debate on the future funding of supported housing on 12 April 2016.

In the debate Nick raised the potential impacts of Government cuts to housing benefit on those in supported housing.

Supported housing is housing which is provided to vulnerable people who need extra care in order to life independent and happy lives. Under Government proposals funding for this could be cut and many supported housings schemes could close, risking increased homelessness.

Nick called for supported housing to be exempt from the cuts, however the Government did not commit to this.

The debate was well attended with MP’s from a range of political parties present. You can read the full debate here.

Nick Brown MP Gives Eulogy at Jaap Kroese’s Memorial Service

Nick Brown with Jaap Kroese in 1997

Nick spoke at the Memorial Service for Jaap Kroese in January, who in 1993 helped to save Swan Hunter shipyard by bringing it out of receivership and in doing so safeguarded thousands of jobs in the East End of Newcastle and Wallsend. Jaap sadly passed away on the 29th December. The event at Wallsend Town Hall was heavily attended – a testament to the level of respect, gratitude and affection the community here held for him.


You can read Nick’s full eulogy here

Nick Attends Alzheimer’s Society Event in Parliament

Nick Brown adding his name to the Fix Dementia Care Campaign

Nick attended the Alzheimer’s Society’s ‘Fix Dementia Care’ Event in Parliament. The Alzheimer’s Society is calling for the best quality hospital care for those living with this debilitating condition and to ensure high standards of care are maintained across the country. Nick added his name to the Fix Dementia Care campaign at the event.

There are concerns that further cuts to local government will result in a reduction in care for dementia sufferers. Nick has already raised the issue with Newcastle City Council.

Statement from Nick Brown MP on proposal to extend UK airstrikes into Syria

I want to thank all constituents who have contacted me about the Government’s proposal to extend UK airstrikes into Syria.

Having considered the situation and the Government’s motion, I intend to vote against the Government’s proposal.

Please see here for my full statement on the issue


Nick Hosts the 10th Anniversary Celebrations of Seven Stories in the Houses of Parliament


Nick with Kate Edwards, CEO of Seven Stories and Sir Peter Bazalgette, Chair of the Arts Council England

Nick hosted a reception in Parliament celebrating the 10th anniversary of Seven Stories, The National Centre for Children’s Books which is based in the Newcastle East constituency.

Seven Stories has built a comprehensive children’s literature archive from the 1930s to the present day. As well as storing children’s books Seven Stories also shares children’s literature through open days and activities with local children as well as taking their exhibitions around the country. These have been seen by more than 1.4 million people.

The event was an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of Seven Stories and hear from those who have contributed to its success.

Nick Responds to North East Devolution Deal

Nick has called for a ‘No’ option to be included in a future mayoral poll after the Chancellor signed two devolution deals for the north-east of England.

The inclusion of a ‘No’ option allows the people of the North East to decide whether they want a mayor, having rejected the idea in a referendum in 2012. Nick has also criticised the Government’s plans as “a lot of talk and no effective action.”

“The power to borrow more money and to tax ourselves more isn’t what is needed to solve the problems that the region faces — above all, the need to stimulate private sector investment in the north-east of England.”

Nick has asked a number of questions in Parliament on this which you can see here

Nick has raised a number of questions about the effectiveness of the Government's North East deal

Nick attends reforming of West Papua APPG

Nick attended the inaugural meeting to re-found the All Party Parliamentary Group for West Papua.

Nick meets Benny Wenda in Parliament

The meeting heard from campaign organisers, as well as Benny Wenda, International Spokesman for the United Liberation Movement for West Papua.

The current efforts of the campaign are focusing on West Papua’s recognition status within the Melanesian Spearhead Group and interaction with the Pacific Island Forum, as well as efforts at the UN General Assembly.

Nick Hosts 3rd Annual Speedway Event in Parliament


Nick hosted the 3rd Annual Speedway reception in Parliament on 4 November 2015.

This is the 3rd year in a row the event has been held since Nick and other supportive MP’s set up the All Party Parliamentary Group for Speedway in 2013. Nick is the chair of the All Party group in Parliament.

It was a chance for the Speedway world to celebrate the end of the 2015 season and to recognise notable contributors to the sport over the last year.

Nick is a regular visitor to watch the Newcastle Diamonds race at Brough Park in Byker.

Nick hosts the All Party Parliamentary Group for Speedway reception in Parliament

Nick Votes Against Government’s Tax Credits Plan

Nick opposed the Governments proposed cuts to tax credits in the House of Commons when they were first put

Nick voted against the Government's tax credits proposals

forward on 15 September and voted for the subsequent Labour Party motion opposing the changes on 20 October.

Nick has received a large number of emails from constituents on the Chancellors proposed changes. You can read the reasons why Nick opposes these tax credit changes here